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Too Much Adventure perhaps...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 11:46 PM

The next few days will be overly packed. Tomorrow I have an interview at High Moon Studios for a position as an environment artist. I've done a lot of work as a 3D artist, but this will be my first full time position in a AAA studio specifically working on video games. The last 5 years of my life have been in preparation for this. Needless to say, I'm feeling a little pressure.
Also, Comic-Con started tonight. I went to the preview-night event to pick up my badge early and circumvent the usual lines. Only this time, to my surprise and horror, there were so many people that the convention center parking lots were full. Preview night is usually a low key evening to chat up your favorite artists and writers. Tonight was a mad house like your average Saturday at the Con. I can only imagine what the next few days will be like. Adding to what I'm sure will be a long list of firsts for this year, there were an incredible number of girls at the convention. Outside it to be more specific. Next to the main hall, H, a shanty town of tents, blankets, and security barriers has been erected, forming a makeshift refugee camp for the rabid fans of Twilight. The population was near unanimously female. There is even an area cordoned off, where in a sign is erected reading, "Twilight Moms."
Something tells me this is not the success the founders of this great convention envisioned when they set about the geeky and daunting task of hosting an International Comics Convention.
Something also tells me they'll have no moral qualms accepting the Twilighters money.

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  1. Johnny says:

    The San Diego Comic-Con has morphed into something altogether dark and unholy. What was once the annual highlight of my summer vacation, four days of excitment and geekery. Has become this showcase for Hollywood and all of the bullshit that comes with it.

    Should Comic-Con be moved somewhere else, like Las Vegas perhaps? Hell no, the money the con brings to San Diego every year is awesome! San Diego needs large high profile events like this. What I would like to see is seperation, or segregation within the event. Divide the event into two parts. All the 'nerd' activities; comic signing, portfolio reviews, merchant booths, movie screenings, comic panels, and gaming should be set aside form the Hollywood advertising that has sullied our once pure convention.

    Sell two seperate types of tickets, spread the event out over two seperate weekends. Allow the tweens to raid the event one weekend to scream with glee at sparkly Vampires. And allow the refined and well behaved Geeks to arrive the 2nd weekend and enjoy the con the way it once was.

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