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Overweight Super Heros - My Comic Con 2009 Quest

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 12:47 AM

Comic Con is officially out of hand. In a bad way. As a long time super-nerd, The highlight of the con for me has always been going to the industry panels and learning from the masters, first hand. This year, however, that was an impossibility. Even the most mundane panels were assailed by two to seven hour lines. All the tweens lined up for the Twilight panel literally camped out overnight.

For a moment, I thought the Con completely ruined- Till I saw this:

That's right, Fat Skeletor. I was at once enlightened, and knew in that moment the grand quest before me- to document the incredibly awesome collection of overweight super heroes at the con. For reference, Skeletor is a Skelton:

Which sort of begs the question, how does someone made of BONES get fat? This quandary was almost immediately cast to the background of my mind as I was assailed by the following amazing collection of would-be heroes:

1. The Tick
The Original:

The Comic Con Version:

I'm really breaking you in easy here. We'll get to the grossly obese later. The tick's only real super power is that he's totally ripped, and mostly invincible. He's not a second string luge driver in the winter games.

2. Robin
The Original:

The Comic Con Version:
It appears that 'The Boy Wonder' Dick Grayson grew up... and outward.

3. The Green Ranger "Tommy"
The Original Version:
The Comic Con Version:

And another pic because a) Love Handles, and b) it's terrifying.

4. Ripley from Aliens
The Original Version:
The Comic Con Version:
Yeah. Wow. And that Corset/top hat man is just extra 'Win.'

5. The Mighty Thor
The Original Version:
The Comic Con Version:
Austin Blank of Maddox Productions, if that is your real name, put this beauty together.

6. Storm Trooper
The Original Version:
The Comic Con version:
What's amazing here, is this isn't actually a person in costume, it's a 12 inch tall toy made by Sideshow Collectibles. Check out the amazing level of detail, right down to the Comic con pass. There were plenty of tubby imperial troopers to be seen, but this example of Life imitating art imitating life imitating art is by far my favorite.

7. The Borg
The Original:
The Comic Con Version:
While a straight on photo doesn't reveal the girth quite as well as I'd like, you'll notice the liberal use of the 'Ab-abber' for instant definition!

Check back tomorrow for even more MASTERPIECES!

*If you are in any of the photos in this post, and would like to be removed, send me an email and I can make it happen. If any of the references photos belong to you and you'd like them taken down, I can do that as well. Thanks. All images used for the purpose of satire.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I'm glad I wasn't classified as grossly obese. Personally I like this picture of me better

    but hey, I wandered around at Comicon in Spandex. I was asking for it.

  1. @Lifeofreilly- Ha, thanks for being a good sport.

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