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...that's right, More overweight Super Heroes!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 1:35 PM

Let's get right into it with perhaps one of the boldest costume choices around.... This one is for all the geeky ladies in the house-

1. Han Solo
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
Looks like Harrison Ford took all that bad press from Indiana Jones personally and really let himself go...

2. Tusken Raider from Star Wars
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
This is actually a pretty good costume choice for a husky fellow, the muumuu effect is concealing, if not slimming.

3. Cammy from Street Fighter
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
Rule 34 made it incredibly hard to find an appropriate reference photo for this one...

4. Abel from Street Fighter IV
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
Looks like Abel, the french MMA Star, has been slacking a little on his workout regime. Probably just kicking back enjoying life with his close personal friend, the new ethnic version of Gambit.

5. Bender and Fry from Futurama
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
The Fry costume is one red jacket away from perfect, but it looks as though Bender's tiny robot arms and legs gain a little something in the Human transition.

6. Pro Wrestler 'The Honky Tonk Man'
Original Version (Then):
Comic Con Version (Now):
This is the actual person, come to sell autographs at Comic Con. If the one thing you are famous for is being in amazing physical condition, then blast it all! STAY in amazing physical condition!

7. Poison Ivy from Batman
Comic Con Version #1:
I caught up with this Poison Ivy while she was getting in line for a Mrs. Fields Cookie. I don't know what this significance of the Emo Slave is, but for me it's just extra weirdo-win!

Comic Con Version #2:
It would appear that 'Hefty Poison Ivy' was a popular choice, as I caught both these pics nearly back to back!

8. Lilith from Darkstalkers
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
It's not every day we get celebrities dressing up in costume! According to the badge, this is Mandy Moore! Looks like both Lilith and the teen sensation have put on a few pounds post-lime-light.

9. Wonder Woman
Original Version:
Comic Con Version(s):
"What are you going as for Con?"
"Wonder Woman! I heard they cast Jessica Biel for the Wonder Woman movie, and I look just like her!"
"Whoa! Me too! We can be twinners!"
This double-threat may be my favorite pic in this set.

10. Black Mage from Final Fantasy
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
This costume might be right on the money. The Black Mage appears to be a portly little fellow in the original artwork. Also, This costume is just awesome in its simplicity.

11. She Hulk
Original Version:
Comic Con Version:
Uhm, I'm pretty sure almost all the iterations of 'She Hulk' have been more than a girl in a hulk costume... You almost got the shoes right though!

Check back tomorrow for the Final Chapter in my epic quest to Document 'Over-Weight Super Heroes of Comic Con 2009!'

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  1. Earl says:

    There are characters who can fit them, actually. But what can we do if they really want to portray their favorite characters, right? I mean, it's their passion. Anyway, seeing these comic con pics makes me want to go next year in costume. I'm thinking of going as Thor, then have one of my sister's blond New Born Free wigs styled for it. Then maybe I can ask my cousin to go with me so she can use one of her Sepia wigs to go as Loki. Ah, I really miss the comic con.

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