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Windows 7 Upgrade

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 4:27 AM

I have a habit of ruining operating systems. Seriously. I probably re-install more than anyone I know. (Save perhaps Johnny Perkins who re-installs for a living... heh...) Recently I did, I don't know what, but it resulted in 3ds max crashing every few minutes. Even after a re-install of Max, the problem remained. So I headed over to Microsoft and grabbed the Free Windows 7 beta.

A few things to note-
First of all, this was the easiest change over ever. Mostly due to a windows VISTA feature I wasn't even aware of- The User folder. Vista creates a nice little folder with your name on it, and inside are context related folders for Music, Documents, Downloads, etc. I'm a big fan of getting to my stuff with the fewest clicks possible, so I began using this system almost exclusively. (And to make life even easier, I opened up my 'start' menu, and right clicked on the 'Bradd' link and clicked 'Show on Desktop.') The only things I added were a 'Project' folder for my personal work, and a 'Collected Resource' folder full of handy junk I collected over the years; school projects, tutorials, and whatnot. When it came time to backup my data, I literally just dragged and dropped the 'Bradd' folder onto an external hard drive and I was set to go.

After reformatting my hard drive and installing Windows 7, all I had to do was drag the 'Bradd' folder back onto my desktop and everything was back to normal. All my files were right where I expected them. Now all I have to do is reinstall all my programs.

Here's a little rundown on what I've installed so far-
All the Windows Vista x64 drivers for my Dell XPS 1710 work perfectly. I downloaded the most recent nVidia drivers from their site.
Wacom Driver- I installed the Vista driver with no problems. If you find your pen reverting back to mouse mode, open your device manager and uninstall the Wacom Virtual HID driver.

Adobe Creative suite CS4 - Everything installed but Indesign. I'll look into why later.
Microsoft Office Suite 2007 - Installed perfectly.
Daemon tools- Doesn't work with W7, so I installed Virtual CloneDrive. (which is also free!)
UltraMon- There's a Beta version for W7, and my key from the previous version works with it.
Newsleecher v3.9 Final- Works just fine.
NetLimiter- Theres a (Free) Beta version for W7
Firefox 3.5.1 - Works perfectly, and the Flash plugin for Windows XP/Vista works just fine.
ESET NOD32 4.0.437 x64 - Works perfectly
Winrar x64 3.9 beta5 - Works perfectly, Originally I was using this to open .ISO's before discovering Virtual CloneDrive
Peer Guardian- This was a little tricky, but the tutorial at that link works like a charm. Actually easier than the Vista Work around. **As an added bonus, this workaround also removes the Windows 7 Beta watermark and build number from the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.**
ĀµTorrent- despite rampant rumors that ĀµTorrent calls home and sends user data in, I installed 1.8.3 anyways. The folks behind Peer Guardian recently took it off their Data mining ban list, so I guess all the fuss was over nothing.

I have more programs to install and I'll add them to this list at I go. So check back if you're curious about Windows 7.

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