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Mental Shutdown

Thursday, June 25, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 6:22 AM

I've set a personal deadline to finish my latest project by Friday... so I spend most of the day, and all the night till now working on it. All I really have to do is make high quality Color and Specular maps, and then call it a day. This is proving more difficult than it sounds. I'm deliberately staying away from making the texture look 'grungy' and worn, ala Fallout 3. It's more challenging than I thought to make something that looks clean, and yet realistic. When something is covered in scratches and wear, those bits of detail sell the object. With those absent, I'm struggling to make the texture believable. As a result, I'm hand-painting every bit of the texture, which introduces another hurdle- painting something by hand that is meant to be photo-realistic. Turns out it's time consuming.
My mind is done for the night. Between random crashes, and failing at simple tasks, I knew it was time to turn in. For some reason I'm having problems rendering an Ambient occusion map from high-poly geometry to Low-poly. The map is comming out just white and black, no shading.
Maybe some sleep will cure my problems. It's a fond dream.

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