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Friday, June 26, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 6:33 AM

I just realized how un-green I am. (And how geeky I am, because that possibly meaning 'uncool' in the 'Fifth Element' was the first thing that popped into my mind...) I remember Jon Rick telling me how excited he was that he didn't have to pay electricity at his new place, it was part of the rent. He had a fleet of computers, vending machine, Street fighter 2 cabinet, Theater projector, AC unit, and a horde of other electronic devices going 24/7. Looking around my room I realize I have just as many whatzits going on here. I sit here in front of 4 monitors, and two laptop computers all consuming electricity while I lament about wasting electricity...

In other news, the process of rendering out ambient occlusion maps for all my high poly geometry took way longer than I'd anticipated, and then using Maya's 'transfer maps' to bake that onto my low poly models took equally as long. On top of that, my secondary rendering machine became inexplicably unstable. So rather than working on both machines, I spent the night watching Hulu on the fickle one, and rendering on the old reliable.

I'm still pretty unhappy with the texture on my S&W500 model. I was hoping the addition of AO would give it that extra 'pop' that made me go, "Ahhh... Now we're moving in the right direciton..." Well, I'm going to rest now and give it a fresh start in the morning. Er, Afternoon. Whatever.

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