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Wednesday, October 17, 2007 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 8:21 AM

So I'm an avid user, and I'd like to think my blog will develop to the point that I can call myself an avid blogger... But how does one drive traffic to a fledgling blog? Especially when said blog isn't really a source of any relevant information, and instead just more of a therapeutic, and occasionally hilarious,  mind dump...

Enter WordBook... WordBook is a sweet facebook app that adds your blog summary to your profile... so now even if your blog is insipid and self serving, so long as your real life is interesting enough to garner you an online following, you'll always have hapless victims to foist overly wordy diatribes such as this upon.

Consider yourself 'foisted.'

Oh yeah.. and for the purpose of record keeping, My sidekick 3 says the time is 4:20 pm, and my computer time agrees completely.
No, that's not a pot joke, I'm having problems with WordBook's time notation...

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  1. Brian Gans says:

    H'OMIGOD, this is the best blog evar!

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