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Google is Awesome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 1:39 AM

So I'm working on a flier for a party this weekend.
In process thereof, I set out to find photos from other parties I'd hosted. For some reason it seemed totally normal to know that a simple Google search for variations on my name and the word 'Boncuzzi' (which I co-coined) would yield the desired result.
Out of a morbid sense of narcissism it occurred to me to Google my own name. I had a conversation at work today about making a business card that looks like this:

A plain white card, with your name in the Google font and color scheme. No contact info whatsoever. Armed with this card alone, you now have the power to access any and all relevant information about me, and it will always be updated.

Jon Rick brought up Danny Ocean's business card from Oceans 11-13, which is based on the reverse principle, you don't get a hold of him, he gets a hold of you.

Anyways. Moving on.

So I did a Google image search for myself, yielding the following:

Pretty impressive. Literally hundreds of pics of me or things related to me. From left to right:
Row 1
1. A pic of a recent project, from this blog.
2. A pic of me at E3, was my facebook profile pic for a while.
3. Another pic I posted on this blog.
4. See above.
5. See above.
Row 2
1. My avatar.
2. An earlier project I blogged about.
3. My blog avatar
4. A demo I posted on this blog.
5. Another pic from the same demo.

And so on for 29 pages in order of increasing obscurity.

A long time user of Microsoft products, I was interested in their latest push, the 'Suggestion Engine'

It yielded far different results.

They're not really anymore specific, or better in anyway, there's just less of them.
Row 1
1. A Facebook profile pic from months ago.
2. The header from Johnny Perkins old website, which was near a block of text with my name.
3. A pic from my blog.
Row 2
1. My friend Judd Roy's Facebook profile pic, the splash page listing me as a friend.
2. A Screenshot from a game I worked on with Johnny Perkins and Jon Rick, taken from Johnny's site.
3. A project of Johnny's which I had nothing to do with, but my name happens to appear later on the page.
Row 3
1. A random image from my gallery on's picture service. (similar to
2. And a photo of Dan Tentler, the photographer by whom the photo I was looking for was taken. (From his profile)

So, in a brief topdown view, (from the perspective of my tired mind) if seems like Bing really hasn't come into its own yet. Google image search being in this case superior in terms of Search quality and quantity. Also, Google kicks Bing right in the junk, delivering better on Bing's one catchphrase, "The Suggestion Engine."

I only want suggestions from you if they are GOOD suggestions.

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  1. Mike G says:

    Alternative Blog Title: "Yeah, Micro$oft Still Sucks"

  1. Jeremy says:

    Brad, whats up man. I saw something from the facebook headlines that led me here to your blog. So I'm just stopping by to holla. Google is pretty amazing!

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