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Saturday, June 20, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 2:04 AM

For those of you avidly following my misadventures, I recently set an alarm to remind me to blog. Every night at 11pm my phone makes the most annoying sound I could find in its library of irritating songs. I mean really, who is writing these jingles? I changed my major from Journalism/Music composition to Business at SDSU because either of those degrees lead directly to a life of abject poverty. Somehow, years later my diploma says 'Game Art and Design.' I feel like I played an ironic time traveling practical joke on myself. Back to my point- who is writing the jingles? The interns? Is this what musician hell is like?

It turned out that at 11pm this evening, I was baking cookie with Brandon, the Chad and a handful of beautiful young ladies. Not the ideal time to make a blog post. I handn't figured in difficulty wrought by the number of distractions. While trying to focus on conveying the basic event of the day in an intelligent manner, all the giggling, movie previews, smell of fresh baked cookies, and intermittent casual conversation made the task impossible.

Aside from that, blogging from a phone, even a phone with a full tactile Qwerty keyboard, is far more time consuming that using the regulation size keyboard. While it is a keyboard in that it's a flat surface covered with keys, you can hardly call what you do on it typing. Rather, you end up hunting and pecking with your thumbs because the rest of your hand is occupied holding the device. This reduces my composition speed to roughly that of the average grandparent.

I'm sure I'll find a happy medium.

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