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Father's weekend...

Sunday, June 21, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 1:38 AM

Quick journal entry to keep my daily blogging streak up... We gathered all the guys up Friday night and went to see UP in 3D. While 3D is kind of a neat party trick, it doesn't add anything to the atmosphere of the story, nor does it enhance the plot. So really, I find it kind of pointless. Plus, it took in excess of 10 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the 3d glasses. This may be in large part due to the face I was wearing them over my actual glasses. Hmm...
I must have eaten some bad popcorn... because I woke up this morning feeling terrible. I don't want to get overly graphic, but I felt like I was constipated and had diarrhea. Yeah. Wrap your head around that. My fondest desire was to evacuate by bowels, but it just wasn't going to happen.
All this fun compounded by the fact that we got up nice and early to drive out the the sleepy country town of Ramona California to eat breakfast at the Kounrty Kitchen, est. 1939. I guess they've had some time to perfect their omelets, because I hear they are legendary. I wouldn't know, because I spent the whole meal trying puke on the table. It was one of those situations where I was afraid that if I allowed myself to burp, it would start a chain reaction of dire effect.
After our breakfast ritual, I crawled back into bed and wrote the rest of the day off. That is, until about 6pm when my lower intestine decided to work itself out. Explosively.
The rest of the day I spent in a sort of un-sleep, the dazed feeling an overly long nap gives you. The body and mind are fickle things. To little sleep and you get headaches and can't focus. To much sleep and you feel foggy and can't focus. But then again, there's and overarching theme in my life surrounding the lack of focus.
Perhaps being aware of the problem will make it easier to focus on.

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