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Crazy, but not in the good way like you want

Monday, November 5, 2007 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 3:44 PM

(This first section is actually the last two paragraphs of this post, but I moved them up front because all the rest is just personal ramblings... So this is "Choose your own adventure." Either skip over them and them come back, or read them first, Tarantino style.)

Such is the case with my personal filing system. Which led me directly to getting distracted, and watching "3:10 to Yuma" rather than cleaning up my files. For the record, 3:10's  a terrible movie with some OK gunfighting. You be better served watching 'Tombstone' again rather than wasting a second of your time on this movie. The moral of the movie is, "You can live a worthless life so long as you have personal justification" with a sub-theme of 'deathbed repentance.'

Seriously Boo. In the end, I never made it to the gym, but I did decide to go back to bed, and slept till 10 pm. I know, I know, I'm amazing. So it's 11pm, and I'm seriously seriously well-rested with a ton of homework to do before my 8am class. I already know I'm going to stay awake all night, go to class, and then come home and crash. This entire week is ruined, and it's only Monday. Bravo.

(End Tarantino section.)

Seriously. So last night I decided to depart form my regularly scheduled shenanigans involving staying awake till the sun was well overhead... Indeed, I was in bed, asleep well before midnight. Unfortunately, this resulted in me being wide eyed awake at 6 am. Hmm...

I've been bouncing the thought of going to the gym around in my head for several months now. Not seriously thinking about it, but rather letting the notion exist on the periphery of my conscious thought processes. I have an as of yet undeveloped personal philosophy that everything exist in equilibrium. For example, my desire to go to the gym is in direct balance against my personal sense of self image. To state it more clearly, I'm just not going to the gym until the threshold of hating how out-of-shape I am is surpassed.

And this morning was not that morning.

Instead of bettering my physical state, I attended to some geek-house-cleaning.  I've got just over 2 terabytes of external hard drive space, and am poised to add a shiny new 500 gig drive to the mix. Unfortunately, the vast majority of that data is in folders who's names are all derivations on "Unsorted Downloads." Crap. I should have seen this coming. Suddenly it's easier to download things again rather than search for them...

When I first started working at my family's financial planning firm I had two jobs to complete. The first order of business was to acquire my life insurance license. The second was to organize our case files from the past thirty years. Well, I've had to renew my license every other year for six years, and that second job is still not finished... Since graduation is just around the corner, I'm almost never at the office anymore, but when I do stop by, both of my younger brothers are always toiling away cleaning up the file system. In reality it's a full time job for probably ten people, but since it's a thing of convienience and not an actual source of income, it sort of gets relegated to the last priority.

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