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Late nights… in the good way… but not like you’re thinking…

Saturday, October 13, 2007 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 8:23 AM

So the past week has been a wild one. After returning from two weeks vacation I had a lot of catching up to do. For example, The night before I left was the Halo 3 pre-release. As a result, I hadn't really had a chance to sink my teeth into the game. This entire week I've tried to rectify that grievous short coming, only to be balked at every turn by Jon Rick and his desire to maintain a healthy relationship with his girlfriend.

Bah... Girlfriends... Overrated...

On a side note I grabbed some peanut butter flavored Rawhide strips for my puppy, Captain Awesome, last night while waiting to pick up some sushi. He's currently methodically licking the flavoring out of every niche and crevice on the piece I gave him. Resultantly, my enitre room smells like a Reese's factory.

Yesterday was essentially "Great Deals on Video Games Day."
After my Portfolio 2 class with Jon Rick and my brother in law Paul, we headed out to 'get our grub on' as the ethnic minorities say on the CW. Kelly, my youngest brother, called me on my way into subway. As an aside, why do I bother with subway? Before even ordering I already know that the resulting meal is going to be a less than fulfilling farce, and a relatively expensive one at that... So Kelly calls while I'm eating my bland $8.50 "Ultimate" Avocado Turkey Bacon sandwich on wheat bread. With a name that long you'd imagine some portion of it would be flavorful but no, unilateral disappointment of the pallet is all that apellative implies.
So Kelly calls.

"Fry's Electronics has 'The Orange Box*' for $30" he announces.
"What?" I ask quizzically.
"Yeah, Yeah. Someone priced it wrong"
"Well get me one."
" Oh. I left already."
"And It's  one per customer.  But I bought 2."
I can only respond with more "..."

So eventually he ends up picking up a total of 4 copies, one on his card and three in cash...

* for those out of  "the know" 'The Orange Box' is not one, but FIVE games from Valve, a quality company, in a single retail offering. It's like getting five $60 games for the price of one. Or in our case, for half the price of one.

Captain Awesome just gave me a damp, sticky, NON-peanut-butter flavored piece of rawhide. It's like Christmas. Awww.

So the Fry's experience alone would have been enough to declare October twelfth "Great Deals on Video Games Day," but that my dear friends was just the beginning. Fast forward in time to that night, just after the Rawhide and Sushi story. We- by which I mean to imply The Chad, Shannon, and I- were supposed to be quickly getting food and grabbing a movie, since a throng was gathering at Shannon's home for what was intended to be a party. In the course of completing the second task on our quest, grab a movie, we stopped into Hollywood video.
Many Hollywood Video franchises have an adjoining video game store, 'Game Crazy.' As fate would have it, this particular was going out of business to the tune of "50% off everything in the store." Literally everything. Consoles, games, card games, what ever. All must go. So $70 later, we walked out with close to $300 worth of games and peripherals.

Now I know it's early-Christmas. Must be on account of all my 'good behavior.' *wink* you know who you are *wink*

Eventually we made it to Shannon's soirée, but excused ourselves a bit early so that The Chad, Dan Pierce, Jon Rick, Kelly, and myself could play Halo 3 all night. Literally. We played until Dan had to leave for work in the morning, and Chad had to go to class.

That my friends is a late night.

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  1. The Chad says:

    Good read... you explained it beautifully.

    I say this because I've had a difficult time explaining myself why I didn't get any sleep last weekend to people of the non-gamer class.

    I also really like the layout of your blog section on the site. Very clean and simple.

    The Chad

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