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The tortoise and the hare

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 1:22 AM

You ever wonder how that story would end up if the hare hadn't been a total jerk-off? Say he'd adopted a work hard/play hard attitude and ran the entire race, and then had his nap on the far side of the finish line.

There would still be an important lesson taught- Priorities. I think too many people take away the wrong message from the original story. 'Slow and Steady' does not win the race if there are people going 'Fast and Steady.' (I was tempted to write 'Fast and Furious...')

I constantly compare my personal progress to people who are better than me. At everything. As a result, I'm constantly seeking to better myself, but perpetually unhappy. It's bred a constant need for positive reinforcement, but also numbed me to any lasting effects of achievement.

At least I know why I'm crazy.

Here's a little progress update on my Ducati project:

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    I think it's time for another update Mr. McBrearty

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