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A weekend in Europe

Sunday, March 15, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 5:14 AM

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It's been quite a busy weekend. Or rather, for the rest of the world it's been a busy weekend, while Bradd has been sitting in the same chair trying his best to focus. I weaseled my way out of two dates and a reschedule this weekend so that I could focus on Art. I Changed my status from "attending" to "not attending" on three facebook events. Watch. The second GDC is over and the pressure is off, all the women and parties will vanish like a rainbow dried up by the sun. But you know what? Right now I'd trade all of that for a job that I could see as a career.

That right. I spent this weekend in Europe. In the digital version of a quaint European ally, crafted from the comfort of my own bedroom.

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  1. Shaping up nicely.

    Could you post some alternate camera angles? or are you planning on just creating one high quality shot?

  1. Johnny says:

    What are you doing blogging? We're staring down a major deadline right now!
    And yes, your right, all the ladies and parties will disappear as soon as we land in SD on the 28th.

    But it'll all be worth it, right? That's what I keep telling myself anyway...

  1. @Chad I'm modeling it to this camera shot, but I'm also creating detail up higher so that I can render a nice crane shot of the scene.

    @Johnny Fingers crossed... You should get in on this Blogger / Flickr stuff. It's wicked easy. Upload the pics to Flickr, and then there's literally a button that says "Blog this" and it does all the work for you.

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