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Digsby - The ultimate Social tool?

Thursday, January 15, 2009 , Posted by Bradd McBrearty at 10:16 AM

I've recently been looking for a way to manage the ever sprawling mess that is social networking. Specifically, I've been looking for a Twitter client that does one specific thing: Posts to Ping.FM. I use via Twitter to update my status on Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn simultaneously.
Previously, I was using a Twitter Client called Spaz, which runs on Adobe Air. Unfortunately the app has problems with the Twitter API and always complains about rate limits. So I continued looking for a Windows Vista x64 solution. That's when I came across

I feel that a picture of Digsby in action will give you the best insight into how it really works. I have a few WARNINGS afterwards.

digsby interface

While yes, Digsby is a *free* app, they try to make it profitable by installing all sorts of Adware on install. Be careful and click 'NO' to all the toolbars, search assistants, and attempts to change your homepage and all will be well between you and Digsby.

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  1. mikedashg says:

    Except hasn't been updated myspace for a while now. BOO!

    I'll check it out btw, thanks.

  1. MJMcBrearty says:

    Sweet. Just what I needed, thanks for the heads up.

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